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Baskets…Not Just for Easter!

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A few weeks ago, we received a box containing a beautiful woven basket. Woven from organic palm leaves, lined with cloth, bearing two sturdy, fragrant handle loops of supple brown leather, and with a multiple-gallon capacity, the basket got our attention.

It turns out that one of our customers also has a business, importing goods from Kenya. Liz Flowers of Rafiki Imports buys baskets and other crafts directly from people she knows in Kenya and offers them locally. She knows these craftspeople personally because she used to live in Kenya herself, before moving to Eugene with her two children so that her husband can work at PeaceHealth. At first she was skeptical about her new home, but told us she has grown to love this town.

These handsome new baskets have been selling well. I’ve been seen using mine on a daily basis, looking like I might be going to a picnic at any moment, though you know it would likely be a short one with this highly changeable spring weather! We have them priced at $17.40, and they can be found atop our produce case. We’ll do our best to keep them in stock for you all.

You can check out Rafiki Imports directly on the web:

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