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Health and Beauty Department

Have you ever wondered where you can get a toner, cleanser, lotion or salve that is cruelty free, free of synthetic and toxic ingredients, and packaged in glass? Such products do exist!

Here at the Kiva, we sell a line of such products, from suki. Suki products are a great fit here. They appeal to our customers because they are free of synthetics of any kind (including genetically manipulated ingredients), free of petrochemicals, and free of synthetic fragrances (they use essential oils). Suki never tests on animals, and they are free of animal ingredients (with the exception of cruelty-free bee products).

Suki products are packaged in clear glass; though plastic may be cheaper, it is known to leach. The paper that suki uses is 100% recycled, printed with vegetable-based inks, and free of UV coatings which would make it unrecyclable. Suki products will also vary a bit in color, as the various crops of rose petals, mint, willow bark, lavender, rosemary, and other fine herbal ingredients are sourced from small organic farms.

So, we’ve covered what suki doesn’t use, and how they package the goods. Now let’s look at suki’s ingredients (by the way, as you’ve doubtless noticed, they charmingly insist on spelling their name with a lower-case “s”): suki’s vision is to provide a product line which is both completely natural and scientifically validated in its activity and potency. Their complex, targeted formulas consist of standardized botanical medicinal extracts and concentrates, liposomes, essential oils, and natural oils such as evening primrose and shea butter. Suki promises that everything used is 100% pure.

Further, their ingredients are not only food grade, but organic, biodynamic, and fairly traded. As if all of this weren’t enough, they handmake everything in small batches.

Please feel free to come and ask an employee to open the suki case so that you can sample a product or two! We expect you’ll appreciate the exceptional level of care and skill that has gone into the making of the suki line.

To visit suki’s website and learn more about them and their products, you can click here.